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Delicioso Anejo

Hola Amigos! Hope you're not hungry reading this one cause it won't help your desire to eat!

Again getting the basics and boring stuff out the way, Anejo is located on 4th st sw Calgary. You know what to do, google maps it so you don't get lost!


Starting this blog out with, "if you love tequila and you love tacos, Anejo is a must, and I mean a must!" Anejo's menu is quite diverse but doesn't offer a selection quite the same as other places we have been. They have a variety of 6 #tacos with an additional selection of higher priced specialty tacos, I have attached the link to the menu below.

Bonuses Anejo has to offer is that you can opt for #corn or #flour tacos, however all the tacos have the same generic taco fillings. The tacos are loaded to brim which is a healthy surprise. Their #guac if freaking delicious, out of this world good so highly suggest you get a side of that with your meal (plus they make it in front of you if you order a full serving)!

Where I find Anejo stands out is their drinks. with over 400 types of #tequilas you can't go wrong and they offer #flights which is awesome! (stay tuned for blogs in the tequilas channel) Their flavors of #margaritas are divine and made to perfection from the bar staff and the all round service is excellent.

Anejo's #happyhour, 3-5pm and 9pm to late is must! With half price tacos and tequilas and $6 margaritas this is the time for you to shine!

Lastly they are priced mid-to-higher end, but if you can get a happy hour seat you're in for a treat!


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 7.5

  • Food Selection: 7.5

  • Drinks: 9.5

  • Ambiance: 8

  • Price: 6.5

  • Overall: 7.5


Final thoughts:

Anejo has very good food and excellent drinks. It is a must go if your trying out Mexican places and if you're a tequila lover save their number on speed dial! Service and atmosphere is fun and excellent, but the food is a limited selection and not as diverse as other places. Normal service prices are mid-to-high end however the happy hour is a home run. We suggest it as a great spot for happy hour, tequilas and a taco or two.

Check out our Instagram @tacos_tequilas_taste for pics

Anejo Menu

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