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Do you know the taco man who lives on Gringo Street?

Hola! Todays blog is our very first review of one of our favorite spots, Gringo Street!

So getting the basics and boring stuff out the way, Gringo Street is located on 17th ave Sw Calgary, google maps it so you don't get lost!


Gringo Street offers a unique, delicious menu with some excellent #taco selections featuring the like of brisket, duck, and pulled pork among others. In total there are 9 selections, a good amount in my opinion. They have a wide variety of drink selections including #mojitos, #margaritas and #cocktails. The margaritas and mojitos are offered in a range of flavours, my favourite being guava.

They do have a #happyhour which is a plus that runs during the day, we encourage you to visit their website (link below) full their full details. The food is fantastic with selections on empanadas, #arepas, tacos and more! I highly suggest trying out the #empanadas as a starter which comes with a killer #salsa! The atmosphere is lively and fun which is evident from their unique yellow sea can structure, and it easy to have a conversation with no shouting needed. Perhaps the last highlight is the price point which is slightly higher than other places we have visited but don't let that deter you from the amazing flavours and quality you will receive.

Finally, if you are a #guac fan they have a delicious guac which offers a spicy kick to add to their delicious tacos!


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 8.5

  • Food Selection: 9

  • Drinks: 8.5

  • Ambiance: 8

  • Price: 6

  • Overall: 8.5


Final thoughts:

Great quality food and drinks, with excellent taste and a comfortable atmosphere, however you have to be willing to pay the slightly higher prices. Its a trade off between quality and price, and we suggest it as a great spot for the odd tacos, and margarita visit, but not a weekly stop unless you have deep pockets.

Check out our Instagram @tacos_tequilas_taste for pics

Gringo Street Menu

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