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Me and my Chilitos

Hola Amigos! Our most recent Taco Tuesday was a delicious stop at Chilitos Tabenera!

We encourage you to check out Chilitos located on 17th ave sw Calgary. Check out google maps it so you don't get lost!


Chilitos has a great vibe that can make you feel like you are soaking up the sun somewhere warm, with great music, drinks, and food for an all round fun atmosphere with friends. They have a large variety of #tacos and other food selections such as nachos and burritos! Link to the menu below.

Chilitos only offers #corn tacos, and the selection of tacos provides a variety of pork, beef, chicken and vegetarian options with unique toppings. The taco's plated with care, presented in a fun way and cooked with love! Their #guac is probably the best of all places so far with a zesty touch and light summery flavour!.

Chilitos has a good selection of drinks with a good #tequilas selection as well as the favourite tequila #flights! For the prefered mixed drink they have a good selection of beers, #margaritas and other cocktails.

Chilito's #happyhour, 4-6pm offers great deals such as $3 tacos, #halfprice nachos and tequilas.


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 7.0

  • Food Selection: 7.0

  • Drinks: 7.0

  • Ambiance: 8.0

  • Price: 7.5

  • Overall: 7.0


Final thoughts:

Chilitos offers fun atmosphere with a warm sunny patio, their food is delicious and they have a good tequila list. The staff was friendly and attentive which is a plus.

Happy hour isn't as good as other places but the all round price outside happy hour is great. However the lower price reflects a slightly lower taste in tacos, still great quality. We suggest it as a great spot for a group of friends to kick back, relax and enjoy the food and drinks in the sun!

Check out our Instagram @tacos_tequilas_taste for pics and follow us!

Chilitos Tabenera Menu

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