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Mikey's on 12th

Hola Amigos! In today's blog we are checking out Mikey's on 12th!

Mikey's as by their name is located on 12th ave Sw Calgary, again google maps it so you don't get lost! They also have a taco location in the northwest of the city.


Mikey's is a local pub in downtown Calgary. You can often find live music there with a local bar / pub atmosphere with pool and darts. Amongst their pub fare they have a dedicated taco menu with discounts on taco tuesday. They have a large #taco selection with variations of fish, pork, chicken and a unique shrimp option. They serve the tacos in a double layered corn shell, and there toppings are pretty generic across all types of tacos. Their drink selections are typical for a pub, not geared toward mexican selections of #tequilas or #mezcals.

#TacoTuesday offers a reduced price of $3 per taco which is decent as the tacos are loaded and good size. You cold have a good meal on four tacos. A benefit is that is you want tacos and your partner doesn't they still have a good variety of pub fare to select from.

Mikey's has a shrimp and calamari taco which we have not found elsewhere as of yet!


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 6.0

  • Food Selection: 8.0

  • Drinks: 6.0

  • Ambiance: 7.0

  • Price: 7.5

  • Overall: 6.5


Final thoughts:

I would not go out of way to add this on my taco tour and would instead go to Mikey's with the mind set of going to a pub. It is a fun spot with its live music and pub entertainment and does have a good price point for what you are getting!

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Mikey's on 12th Menu

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