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Native Tongues

Hola Amigos! In today's blog we are checking out Native Tongues Taqueria!

Native Tongues is located on 12th ave Sw Calgary, again google maps it so you don't get lost!


At time of writing Native Tongues is my favourite taco spot! Native Tongues has a young bustling atmosphere, with an absolutely delicious menu. The #taco selections feature brisket, pork, chicken, beans and mushroom among a selection of lamb tacos or specialty tacos. Their drink selections including #beers, #tequilas and #mezcals is fantastic which some unique mezcal up for offer. They also have #cocktails for those looking for a tasty mixed drink selection.

#happyhour is provided weekdays 2-5pm and discounts are offered on taco tuesdays. The food selection is decent from starters through to desserts! Their #guac is also delicious, but not the best we have ever had, nonetheless a must to add that extra level to your tacos. Native Tongues offers a good price point for their flavour, presentations and allround atmosphere.

Lastly, Native Tongues offers in our opinion the single best taco in our opinion which is the Birria taco (beef brisket)!


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 9.0

  • Food Selection: 9.0

  • Drinks: 8.5

  • Ambiance: 8.0

  • Price: 7.0

  • Overall: 9.0


Final thoughts:

A must go to spot on your taco tour! Absolutely amazing food and drinks for any occasion and a great spot for a taco tuesday with your pals. So far these are the tastiest tacos to me, with a solid price point, size, and overall delivery, with the brisket a must!

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Native Tongues Menu

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