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Spicy Amigos

Hola Amigos! In today's blog we are checking out Spicy Amigos!

Spicy Amigos is located on 4th ave Sw Calgary downtown with a small patio and indoor seating, google maps it so you don't get lost!


Spicy Amigos is an authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Calgary. Not only do they offer take-out and dine-in services but they have a bunch of Mexican goodies and groceries to purchase for your next at home Mexican night. The atmosphere and upbeat music definitely gave me the urge to take a trip to Mexico and hangout on the beach. The menu selection was quite decent offering a large variety of #tacos as well as a host of other Mexican dishes. One of the highlights is their #dailydeals which have great prices and selections, as well as spicy hour daily!

As per usual we went for #tacotuesday where the tacos are $2.75 each. They have a large #taco selection with variations of fish, pork, chicken, vegan and beef. They also have a variety of spice levels for their salsa, so if you are into the extra heat selection this is a great spot to go! We tried the mild salsa and it was delicious, flavourful but not hot. They serve the tacos in a double layered #corn shell, but the best corn shell we have tried so far, and the toppings are pretty generic across all types of tacos. Their drink selections offer #cervezas, #margaritas, #tequilas, and #mezcals.

The tacos are pretty well portioned with five to six tacos being a decent amount for dinner. The #guac was pretty standard, tasty but nothing to rave about.


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 7.0

  • Food Selection: 7.0

  • Drinks: 7.5

  • Ambiance: 7.5

  • Price: 7.5

  • Overall: 7.5


Final thoughts:

Spicy Amigos should be a stop on the taco list as it has a fun, upbeat vibe, with tasty food, a good selection and priced very well.

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Spicy Amigos Menu

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