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Tequila 101

Hola! Today's blog is the first of many to add to your knowledge base for a night out and help with tequila selections. Today we are starting with the very basics of where tequila comes from.



Tequila has been around for ages. Its early appearances began with the #Aztecs. The Aztecs formulated a fermented drink known as #pulque, which used the sap of the #agave plant. Early #tequilas were primarily from the #lowland regions. The Aztecs were even said to have worshipped gods known for their relationship to the alcohol.

When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they began experimenting with the agave to compensate for the shortfall in brandy, to eventually produce what is now known as #mezcal. After opening trade routes in the mid-1500s, the Marquis of Altamira established the first large-scale distillery in what is now Tequila, Jalisco.

Later in the 1750s the Cuervo family began commercially distilling tequila which was followed by the Sauza family in 1873. The #blueagave was identified around this time as the best for producing tequila, producing the now modern tequilas we have.

In fact the Mexican government went as far as to declare "tequila" a term of intellectual property in 1974! This strategic play required tequila to be made and aged in certain areas of Mexico, making it illegal for other countries to produce or sell their own “tequila.”

And now in 2021 we cant get enough of this delicious stuff! Our next blog in this series will be Tequila 102 which builds on the comparison of the types of tequilas there are.


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