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Tequila 102

Hola! Today's blog is to add some wisdom to your tequila brains and make you sound a bit more informed on your nights out and when trying to pick your next tequila.

There are two main category comparisons to consider, the location of the agave plant and the age of the tequila. The comparisons are #Highland vs #Lowland, and then your #Blanco vs. #Reposado vs. #Anejo. While there are additional factors such as the barrels used in aging, below is the summary of tequila types.



Highland tequila is produced from agave plants that are grown in what are known as the highlands. The highlands are simply higher above sea level compared to that of the lowlands and have a richer soil. This results in a #sweeter, #floral quality of blend with a punch of #fruity agave flavour compared to lowland tequilas.


Lowland tequila is produced from agave plants that are grown in what are known as the lowlands, these are lower in height above sea level compared to the highlands. They bring out more soil like flavors closer to that of #herbal focus. These have a more pronounced #pepperiness making them #spicier.



  • Unaged up to 60 days

  • This barely aged tequila has a clear colour and is more pronounced in the spice and peppery sections of the taste realm.


  • 60 days to a year

  • A happy medium between the Blanco and Anejo.


  • 1 to 3 years

  • Extra Anejo at least 3 years

  • The longer the tequila ages the more golden brown the colour and the sweeter, caramel flavour are more pronounced


My favorites are the Anejo highland tequilas. Let me know what yours are!

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