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Tequila 103

Hola Amigos! So we know where tequila originated and the types of tequila but how is it made? Below we will provide the spark notes of the process so you are well versed in the ways of tequila!



1. Agave is harvested and analysed for sugar content

2. Agave is broken down for sugar extraction

3. Sugar is extracted to form a water-sugar soluble mix

4. Cooking process hydrolyses the sugars

5. Anaerobic fermentation takes place with the addition of yeasts and nutrients

6. Distillation removes the water from the agave rich alcohol product

7. Filtration techniques purify the alcohol

8. Alcohol is then aged according to style required ( Blanco, Reposado, Anejo)

9. Blending and quality control to meet required product

10. Enjoy!


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