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Word on the StrEATS

Hola Amigos! Today we are blogging about a popular on-the-go taco spot StrEATs!

They are located downtown 11th ave sw Calgary, or in Braeside Calgary.


StrEATs is a taco spot for those looking for a take-a-way taco and does offer some seating for the quick break on a busy day. They have a unique upbeat, punk vibe that is reflected in their food. Their selection of #tacos is modest and they offer other food selections such as #burritos, bowls and even #poutine! Link to the menu below.

The shells are #flour tacos, and the selection of tacos provides a variety of pork, beef, or chicken all with the same flavour base, as well as baja #fish and Nando's #periperichicken options. The flavours offer a light summery feel to them and the combo is offered with two tacos and a side poutine.

StrEATs doesn't offer #tequila and drink selections like the dine-in restaurants do as they are more geared to a take-a-away setting with pops and juices.


Ratings (/10):

  • Food taste: 6.0

  • Food Selection: 6.0

  • Drinks: 5.0

  • Ambiance: 5.0

  • Price: 6.0

  • Overall: 6.0


Final thoughts:

StrEATs offers a take-a-way style taco with a funky, punk atmosphere and a decent sized tasty taco. The taste profile is not what you would get at a dine in restaurant and the quality is not as good as the price suggests.

No drinks are offered as the principal is to order and take your food with you. We suggest it as a spot to try when on the go or looking for a taco to fuel your mid day activities!

Check out our Instagram @tacos_tequilas_taste for pics and follow us!

StrEATs Menu

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